That's where I come in disappointed by the pictures it takes ou have a great camera but are always a little Y but don't know where to begin details of this precious new life, ou are expecting a baby and want to capture all the tiny Y of your family ou are a busy Mum and are never in the photos you take Y
capture a moment in time. and I work with families who want to y name is Katrina M

about me

I work with clients to create natural and timeless images of their families which can be handed down through generations.  I will capture the smiles and giggles of chidren, the unique connections of families and the downy skin and long eyelashes of newborns so when you look at them you will be transported back to that moment in time.  Forever.

When choosing a photographer it’s really important to pick someone who you can be relaxed around because a chilled out parent usually results in a chilled out baby or child. So I’ll tell you a little bit about myself…

I have a really amazing husband who is incredibly tolerant of my obsession with all things baby and camera related. Together we have 2 fantastic little girls: Ella Bella Bee and Kara Bean (you will be glad to know those aren’t the names on their birth certificates but they suit them perfectly).

I am a craftoholic. Spellcheck tells me that’s not a real word but I almost always have some kind of project on the go.

I love cake.

I only watch films which have happy endings. Mr KatLearPhotography even checks the ending of films for me before we watch them. Life is just too short for me to be sitting crying at something fictional.

At the moment I have a slight obsession with vintage chairs. I buy them with every intention of reupholstering them (see craftoholic above!!) but never seem to have time.  As a result our living room looks a bit like a charity shop with a mishmash of quite tired looking furniture.

I have done a bungy jump and loved it!! Mr KatLearPhotography screamed like a girl the whole way down!!

I get great satisfaction from hanging my clothes outside on the washing line and it makes them smell amazing!!

When I got married I walked down the aisle to The Imperial March from Star Wars (you know the one-dum dum dum, dum dee dum, dum dee dum).

So that’s enough about me, how about you? Do you think I might be the photographer for you? I am always happy to have a free, no obligation chat so please get in touch.